The wrong diet can lead to depression
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The Worst Diet for Depression

Feeling gloomy? Look to your diet. When you eat, you feed yourself—but you also feed your gut microbes. There are trillions of them in your gut and they make up a thriving community called the microbiota. Like you, they have their own favorite foods. Amazingly, they may be able to communicate their desires to you, giving you cravings. Yes, many of your cravings may be bacterially motivated!

Depending on what kind of microbes they are, those cravings can be good or bad for you. Some species of streptococcus in your small intestines just love sugar, and when you feed them, they can produce dopamine to make you feel happy. You think it’s just a sugar rush, but it also comes down to the lifestyle of your microbes.

These sugar-loving microbes are tweaking your brain, but they may also be inflaming your gut lining. They don’t always have your best interests in mind. The bacteria to celebrate are the fiber-feeders that live in your colon and manage to convert humble veggies into substances—metabolites—that act as a balm to your gut lining. To feel your best, you need to enhance these fiber eating microbes by feeding them veggies and fruit. But if you have a hard time getting enough of these healthy foods into your diet, you might benefit from a prebiotic mix like Clarity Prebiotic Blend. It can help you harmonize your gut microbes for better mental health.

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