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Psychobiotics Get Real: A Case Study

Are you in a rainy-day mood even when the sun is shining? You may be depressed. If so, you have a lot of company. The World Health Organization asserts that depression is the number-one cause of disability in the world. This is in spite of all the antidepressants, old and new, available to psychiatry. And yet, all is not gloom. This is a story of a woman who managed to escape the dark clutches of depression by – of all things – balancing the microbes in her gut.

How did she do it? She found a probiotic that worked for her and she made sure that her diet included a wide variety of prebiotics to nourish her beneficial gut microbes. A diverse set of microbes makes for a healthy gut, and that requires a diverse set of prebiotics to feed them. If you find it hard to eat enough fruits and veggies to get sufficient fiber, try a mixture of prebiotics such as Clarity Prebiotic Blend.

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