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What is the Diversity Diet?

Diversity is a hot topic these days. Certain TV pundits will tell you that diversity is a bad thing, but Mother Nature begs to disagree. Ecology always favors diversity. Diversity allows redundancy: when several creatures can perform the same task, losing one is not fatal to the ecosystem. Variety thus creates a more resilient network, with a great store of understudies ready to step in and pick up the slack. Bacteria have multiple personalities, and in a community, they can assume numerous roles. That redundancy allows us to cultivate a robust and healthy microbiota.

Although tiny and foreign, healthy gut microbes are our body’s first line of defense, acting before our immune cells are even aware of an invasion. They actively kill pathogens using antimicrobial secretions – or less violently, they outcompete them for food. You simply can’t survive without some form of microbiota, so it is wise to keep yours as strong as you can.

As a bonus, a healthy gut is now understood to be an important factor in mental health. A poorly balanced gut can lead to depression, anxiety, and even psychosis. A diversified gut can improve your mood, memory, and cognition.

How to Feed a Diverse Microbiota

In order to support microbial variety, you need to cater to their many tastes. A healthy microbiota requires a rich blend of multiple prebiotics (fiber) and polyphenols to keep them happy. In a study from the University of Minnesota, the authors state that “Consuming nutritionally-rich plant-centered diets is significantly associated with higher gut microbiota diversity.”

Megan Rossi of King’s College London, also known as the “gut health doctor,” advises you to aim for 30 different plants every week. If you can’t manage to get all 30 different plants, you can try a mix of prebiotics like Clarity Prebiotic Blend.

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