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Researchers say the primary cause of chronic disease is inflammation – and it typically starts in your gut. A “leaky gut” may allow bacteria and toxins to escape into your bloodstream, where your heart dutifully pumps them to every organ in your body. Inflammation can affect your brain, leading to depression or anxiety. Fortunately, intriguing new research shows how to maintain a strong, healthy gut to keep you focused and in a good mood. Scanderson Labs takes advantage of this ongoing research to bring you tried-and-true health care solutions, like our Clarity Prebiotic Blend and Preet Guilt-free Sweetener.

Clarity Prebiotic Blend has a unique mix of prebiotics and polyphenols, designed to keep your microbes well diversified, the key to a healthy gut. That keeps inflammation at bay, protecting all your organs from the potential damage caused by an overeager immune system. That, in turn, keeps your mind focused and your mood at its best.

Preet Guilt-free Sweetener is a premium blend of prebiotic sweeteners that is keto-friendly and diabetic-friendly. That means it won’t raise your blood sugar levels, even as you enjoy delicious cookies, brownies, and the other sweet delicacies that you love. You’ve been looking for a sugar substitute that is good for you and your family – and that cooks one-to-one like sugar. Now you’ve found it!

Low Glycemic Index

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