Our Mission

Scanderson Labs conducts research into the gut-brain connection, which highlights the amazing linkage between the microbes in your gut and the state of your mind. Microbes can actually produce neurotransmitters and have the ability to control your cravings, your mood and your thinking abilities! We create supplements like Clarity Prebiotic Blend to keep your gut calm in order to keep your mind and mood in peak shape. Click here to read more about how some of our ingredients, called psychobiotics, work.

Our ingredients are sustainably sourced

Scanderson Labs wants to keep you smiling in another way: by minimizing our footprints on this planet. Our ingredients are selected from sustainable sources. Some of them are rescued byproducts of other manufacturers. While many companies busily extract sugar or protein from plants, we take the rest, which contains the real gold: fiber and polyphenols. Getting that fiber back is good for you and your microbes. And because it reduces waste, it is good for the earth. For 70 years, manufacturers have been extracting the nutrients and fiber from food and throwing them away. That has led to the current epidemic of depression, diabetes and obesity. It’s past time to redress these wrongs, while respecting our planet in the process!

Is there more we can do?

We are always searching for more sustainable ingredients and better ways to package them. But we want to hear from you. Help us improve our products! And be sure to check in regularly to see our latest articles and technologies designed to keep you healthy and happy. The gut-brain connection is astonishing, and has the capacity to change all of our lives dramatically. Don’t be left out of this incredible story.