The first 1000 days.
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Developing Your Gut-Brain Axis: The First Thousand Days

As a brand new baby, you are completely defenseless against the dangerous pathogens in the world. Your mother’s beneficial microbes—delivered by vaginal bacteria, breast milk, and even kisses—are designed to protect you against that onslaught by kick-starting your very own microbiota.

Mother’s milk is a wonderful substance that includes prebiotics, probiotics and even a rudimentary immune system to get you and your gut microbiota underway. Milk is a favorite food of bacteria like Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus. If those sound familiar, it’s because they are the most prominent microbes in yogurt. With all that milk, your colon acts a lot like a yogurt maker. These bacteria eat the complex sugars in breast milk and create substances like butyrate which is ambrosia to the cells lining your gut. This keeps you in the pink of health and prevents pathogens from getting anywhere near your delicate gut lining.

Clearly, your microbiota is a good thing, but how does it all work? It turns out that as you get older, you make choices that either improve or mess up your gut microbes. The microbes in your gut can be controlled by diet, exercise and supplements. The main way to improve your gut is to increase diversity, so that no single microbial species can dominate. How? By eating a diverse set of prebiotics and polyphenols like those found in Clarity Prebiotic Blend.

For more information on how you develop your original microbiota, read this revealing article at Psychology Today.

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