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For immediate release 7/30/2022

Candyce Anderson
Scanderson Labs, LLC.

Scanderson Labs LLC Welcomes Ted Dinan, MD., PhD, as a Science Advisor

Ted Dinan is a pioneer of the gut-brain axis

Ted Dinan, MD, PhD

Hudson, OH: Today Scanderson Labs LLC welcomes Timothy (Ted) Dinan, MD, PhD, as a science advisor to the company. Ted is a psychiatrist and a Professor of Psychiatry at University College Cork (UCC), a world leader in studies of the gut-brain axis. In 2013, Ted coined the term psychobiotic to describe probiotics and prebiotics that can improve mood and mental health.

Ted’s research involves the two-way communication between the gut microbiota and the brain. He and his colleagues have discovered important connections between diet, microbes, health, stress, cognition, and mood. Ted has also conducted studies exploring the link between the microbiota and obesity and diabetes. His research is already influencing major players in the food, supplement, and pharmaceutical industries.

Scott Anderson, founder of Scanderson Labs, says, “We are humbled and honored to have Ted as an advisor. He is, simply put, a legend in gut-brain research and will be invaluable to our future progress. We look forward to soliciting his wisdom and incorporating his pioneering experience into our product development.”

Ted, along with professor John Cryan, also of UCC, has published over 500 peer-reviewed articles on the subject of the gut-brain axis and psychobiotics. They can be found at

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Scanderson Labs is a health supplement manufacturer based in Hudson, Ohio. Founded in 2020, Scanderson Labs is a science-oriented company concentrating on plant-based products, especially related to the gut-brain axis and the microbiota. Their motto is “Health from the inside out.”


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