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The Shocking Source of Your Cravings

Your gut microbiota brazenly gives you cravings to get what it wants.

“If you’re not constantly craving breakfast every second of every day, you’re not a real American.” 
–Rob Riggle

I have carefully honed my taste buds for years to appreciate the finer things in life like doughnuts and Cheetos. OK, I don’t actually remember choosing those as primary food groups, but I must have, somewhere along the line. Right? Scientists, however, point out that our gut microbes—known as our microbiota—have a major vote in what we crave. How is that possible?

If you’re happy with your weight and you have a craving for kale, you can skip this article. But if you’re like the two-thirds of Americans who are trying to lose weight and craving anything with chocolate, cheese, or bacon, this post is for you.

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