leaky brain

Do You Have a Leaky Brain?

Recent research demonstrates a solid link between gut microbes and mental health. There are likely to be multiple mechanisms, but one theory stands above the others: Gut microbes may get unbalanced, like an ecosystem with too many hyenas, and lead to inflammation and even brain damage. This is the avoidable scourge of a leaky brain.

Pathogenic bacteria can eat away at the lining of the gut and create leaks large enough for toxins and even microbes to sneak through into the bloodstream. Once there, the heart obligingly pumps them to every organ in the body. That includes the brain, which is shielded by a cellular fortress that stretches around the blood vessels throughout the skull to keep marauding microbes out. This is called the blood-brain barrier (BBB). If it gets breached by inflammation, a leaky brain can result.

Once your immune system breaks into your brain, damage can spread, making you anxious or depressed. This clearly, is an outcome to avoid, and that’s where supplements like Clarity Prebiotic Blend can play a major role. By feeding your good microbes, prebiotics keep your gut properly balanced and leak-free. That, in turn, forestalls a leaky brain and keeps you at the peak of your cognitive skills. In today’s highly competitive world, we need all the brainpower we can get!

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