stress can lead to depression
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Stress, Inflammation, and Microbes: A Moody Trinity

Psychological stress leads to physical stress, anxiety, and depression.

Everyone knows that our moods are controlled by our minds. That’s common knowledge—but it’s not completely true. Our moods are strongly influenced by hormones as well, something we are familiar with, but tend to forget. Our moods are also affected by our immune system and—strangest of all—our gut microbes. To add to the complexity, stress can run roughshod over this tangled biological network.

Stress is how the body responds to the pressures of life. It works by trying to bring things back into balance, pulling on the strings of immunity, hormones, and nerves. It knows that your body is out of sorts and it can trigger the immune system to rush to the rescue. But if your problem isn’t from a pathogen, your immune system is helpless. As magnificent as it is, immunity can’t help you escape a marauding lion or a narcissistic boss.

Stress, from your boss or a bad oyster, may lead to depression and anxiety. In either case, it can all start with the gut. What to do? For greater resilience, you need to feed your gut microbes. Keep them happy and you will reduce inflammation and the nasty mood swings that can cause. Your microbes just love prebiotics, such as those in Clarity Prebiotic Blend. It helps you balance your gut microbes, keeping you in optimal health, both physically and mentally.

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