Joss Stone and Scott Anderson Cuppa Happy
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Joss Stone: Happy Interview with Scott Anderson

Joss Stone is a multitalented singer, songwriter and actress. On her highly acclaimed podcast called “Cuppa Happy” she interviews intriguing people about what makes them happy. It’s entertaining and always revealing. Here she interviews Scott Anderson, author of The Psychobiotic Revolution, about the connection between gut microbes and mood. Rogue microbes can give you unhealthy cravings, ruin relationships and make you miserable. Good microbes, on the other hand, can clear your head and maximize your happiness.

Anderson discusses how to eat right and exercise to improve your focus and mood. He and Joss also discuss fecal transplants, a rather drastic way to change your gut microbes. It’s a little gross, but in the pursuit of happiness, it might sometimes be justified!

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Anderson recommends veggies for their fiber content, which is a kind of prebiotic, or food for your good gut microbes. He and Joss also talk about psychobiotics: probiotics and prebiotics that can affect your mood and your focus. One such prebiotic is Clarity Prebiotic Blend. By adjusting the mix of microbes in your gut, you can tweak your mood. Some microbes can make you anxious and others can drag you down. Prebiotics can feed the good microbes and really turn your mood around. For a warm cuppa happy, tune in to this fascinating interview with the marvelous Joss Stone. It could change your life!

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