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Be Good to Your Microbes, You’re Probably Stuck with Them

For better or worse, gut microbes form long-lasting communities.

You got your first microbes as a birthday present from your mother. The earliest of them came from the birth canal and were followed up by microbe-laden breast milk. Over time, you became the proud possessor of trillions of microbes, called your microbiota. If you were a C-section or formula-fed baby, your microbiota may have been sub-par, but all is not lost. That’s because when you were about 1,000 days old, that starter set gave way to a microbiota that was proficient with solid food. It established a core group of microbes that likely remains with you today.

It’s hard to disrupt your microbiota, and for a good reason: it developed along with you. It is custom crafted to work with your unique genes and immune system. But you can shift them into a healthier profile. How? The best plan is to eat loads of veggies and fruit. But if you find it hard to get enough veggies and fruit into your diet, don’t despair. You can try prebiotic flavonoid extracts, like those in Clarity Prebiotic Blend. That can improve the resilience of your gut, and help to better balance the microbes you’re stuck with.

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