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Why So Many Boomers Face Cognitive Decline

Cognitive function is lower in baby boomers. Can we fix it?

For many young people, baby boomers are a bane. “Okay, boomer” is their exasperated dig. Under the boomers’ watch, the climate is collapsing, a pandemic is out of control, and robots look increasingly hostile. Compared to their parents—the “greatest generation” who heroically fought two world wars—boomers look fat and pampered, self-indulgent and oblivious.

That’s a harsh assessment, but it pains me to say that new research is beginning to support at least a charge of declining intelligence. Hui Zheng of The Ohio State University examined over 30,000 participants in a Health and Retirement Study and compared their cognitive function to previous generations. He found the boomers lacking.

But a balanced and diverse gut microbiota can help with cognition and make you healthier overall. So how do you balance your gut microbiota? The best plan is to eat loads of veggies and fruit. But if you find it hard to get enough veggies and fruit into your diet, don’t despair. You can try prebiotic flavonoid extracts, like those in Clarity Prebiotic Blend. That can improve the resilience of your gut, and help you better deal with aging.

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